Rapid Attachments  

The rototiller is the best-known add-on device for soil treatment purposes. The rototiller can be used to treat soils of the most diverse quality.

It loosens and chops up the soil. No levelling of the area to be sowed is carried out. This is one of the reasons why the machine is primarily used for agricultural and vegetation purposes.

The standard direction of rotation is the direction of travel. However, the Rapid rototiller can easily be converted so that the rotatiller rotates in the opposite direction. This switch in the direction of rotation is helpful when working with very heavy soil. The cutter doesn’t hop over the soil and doesn’t need to be pressed into the ground or pulled through the spur. When rotating in the other direction, the cutter digs directly into the soil.

When using the rototiller, it is important for the main machine to be correctly weighted so that wheel skid is eliminated as far as possible.

The hood on the Rapid rototiller can be folded open completely to expose the cutting reel, simplifying cleaning and maintenance significantly.


Technical Specs



Working width of machine in inches

25 inches


Number of tines



Weight of machine in Pounds

121 lbs